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The CyberKnifeTM is a stereotactic radiotherapy system that combines a high-precision robotic arm with a high-energy X-ray delivery system. With simultaneous image guidance, narrow beams of X-rays are precisely focused on the target lesion from multiple directions, destroying cancer cells in the target without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. It can treat not only brain tumors, but also tumors that arise above the neck, including those at the base of the skull, around the spinal cord and near the eye. In addition, it can now treat lesions on the trunk of the body, including lung and liver cancers, if the lesion is below a certain size.

Radixact TM

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), which minimizes the impact on healthy tissue, has recently attracted a great deal of attention in the field of modern cancer radiotherapy. The RadixactTM system is a streamlined radiotherapy machine based on a helical CT scanner and dedicated to IMRT. Inside the machine is a compact high-energy X-ray linear accelerator that can be used for both positioning and treatment. It can treat almost all solid cancers anywhere in the body, even those that are spread over a large area or have a complex shape, by optimally modifying the intensity and shape of the X-ray beam, reducing the common side effects that can occur with older radiation therapy techniques.

For those visiting our department

All consultations at our department are by appointment only, so please make an appointment by calling the number below to see us at the Radiation Oncology Outpatient Clinic. Each patient is evaluated individually to determine whether radiation therapy at our hospital is indicated, but in some cases it may not be.

It would be helpful to have a letter of referral from your current physician, but even if you do not have a letter of referral, please contact us and we will see you.

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Koji Tsuboi M.D., Ph.D.Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba
Director of High-precision Radiotherapy Center and Tumor Therapy Center, Tsukuba Central Hospital

The latest stereotactic radiotherapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy are minimally invasive and preserve quality of life (QOL), and are highly anticipated as an alternative cancer treatment to surgery. With the remarkable development of imaging technology and treatment equipment, these therapies are becoming popular worldwide, and I have been involved in their treatment at our hospital since April 2019. In the future, I would like to further utilize these features to expand the indications to not only intracranial tumors but also cancers of the trunk, thereby contributing to the development of cancer treatment in a wide range of fields.

Yukihiro Tsuchida M.D., Ph.D.Director of CyberKnife Therapeutics, Tsukuba Central Hospital

Our hospital was the first in the southern Ibaraki region to offer CyberKnife stereotactic radiotherapy. I will continue to provide satisfactory treatment to patients and their families by utilizing my 23 years of experience as a neurosurgeon. It is my sincere hope that physicians in the area will refer patients who may be eligible for this treatment to our hospital. Even in the unlikely event that CyberKnife is not suitable for your referred patient, we will consult with the physicians in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Tsukuba to suggest the best treatment. We will take full responsibility for the patients referred to us. We hope you will make the most of our CyberKnife treatment. We are looking forward to working with you.